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Through nine key principals, we minimize the efforts to complete the process of obtaining a mortgage or loan by applying our knowledge, experience and resourcefulness.

    Our Story - Mortgages by Niels

    Our Story

    When you take Niels’ decade of personal experience in the hospitality & service industry, and bring that together with a combined 25+ years of rich mortgage culture at the brokerage, we create experiences that are ever lasting with our clients.

    Nine Key Principles

    We have highlighted our key nine principles to give an insight what we’re committed to, and what we would bring to the opportunity to serve you.



    We ask questions and listen to our clients needs to fully understand the requests at hand.



    Through our knowledge & experience we minimize the amount of time and effort needed from start to finish.



    Understanding that every client has a different understanding of the mortgage or loan process and earn their confidence as their trusted advisor.



    Regularly being in communication and proactively with our clients keep them informed on the status of the loan and the process and reduce the stress. that is associated with the uncertainty.​


    Rates & Terms

    Creating a solution that compliment our clients overall financial strategy, allow them to achieve their short and long term financial goals.


    Swift Application Process

    State of the art technology to compliment our customer service and adjusting to our clients who are less technically proficient.​


    Annual Review

    For our team the closing date is not the end, we create an annual review to support with the luxury of home loans in the future.​


    High Trust

    Measure our success by the willingness of our clients to confidently recommend us to family and friends.



    Take responsibility for all our actions and with honesty. We seek to always improve our quality of service and ask for critical reviews. Striving to serve God in all that we do.

    Experience and Excellence

    Discover why our clients have high trust in our teams combined 25+ years of service.

    Our Expert Team

    Alone you can climb mountains, and together you can move them!

    Niels Dekker, Owner of 'Mortgages by Niels'

    Niels Dekker

    Mortgages by Niels Owner

    Michael Succurro

    Principal Broker

    Nick Regina

    Senior Business Development Manager

    Joe Magrone

    Senior Underwriter

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